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Midori Chan, Photographer, Designer.

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For Midori, Photography is not only a tool to record reality but an interpretation of a certain emotions. It is a world seen through the artistís eyes at a certain given moment frozen in time. As a Designer, she sees her work as a tapestry in which each thread is weaved with her imagination and passion to transform her dreams into reality. Her feelings and memories are intertwined in her works and expressed through a mixture of colours and forms.

Midori's passion for travel and photography had led her to over 50 countries. She has found the beauty and uniqueness in each country she visited not only through the wonders of the land but the people who have touched her heart with a simple gesture of kindness. As a photographer, she loves to retain with her the joy and freshness of each moment through her arts and share the beauty she found with the world. Photography has helped her to record what she cannot express in words, through her
camera, she could capture a fleeting impression in eternity and the beauty of this frozen moment in time is interpreted in the dream like quality of her work.

Midori lived in USA, Europe, Hong Kong, and currently resides in Japan. She attended Parson School of Design and received her MA, BA from Cornell University, and Syracuse University. In 2004, she started her own company, Lambiance Design and Multimedia and in 2013, Midori Media. Her works have won many awards and recognitions internationally including:

TV Broadcast: Introduced in Aska & Ayano's BB@Nifty Life, Jan, feb, 2004, Aska & Ayano's BB@Nifty Life Summer Special, 2004. Japan.

Photography: Photographer of the Year 2005, People's Choice Award - Travel Photographer's Network, Grand Prize, Nordic Countries, 1st Place, Spain and Portugal - Travel photo Contest. Photo of the Month - Online Digital Contest, Photo(s) of the Month(s) - DCFever.com.

Design: @nifty Grand Prix Web Design Award,Japan 2005, 2nd Place, Literary Webpage Contest, Hong Kong Literature Festival, Design Recognition Award - Mediainspiration, Golden Web Awards, Design Forte Award -NetDiver, Best Flash Site - Best Flash Animation sites, Top of Crazy web Design Award, Germany, Art Space Award, Prosite Award, Web Design Award - Mincon, Japan

Her work was also featured in: Site of the Day, Editor's Daily Picks in Yahoo USA, Yahoo Hong Kong, Yahoo Singapore, Yahoo Asia, Best Web Guide, Yahoo Internet Guide, Japan, Artist Portfolio,- Professional Photography, Polaroid.com, HotHot web, Interwomen, Japan, Best Web Collection, Photocon, Japan, Site of the Day - Multimedia, Germany, Site of the Day - Wanadoo, Belgium, Site of the Week - Flash-Ups, Germany, Flash-Es Top Ten, Spain, Site of the Week - Ganjineh, Iran.

Publications: Works published in Graphic Design- Zeixs Germany, Illustrations, Zeixs, Germany, Web Design - Zeixs Germany, Still as a Lull - Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Showcase Photo - Landscape Photography Magazine, International, Designs Graphics - Australia, International, Digital Photographer - Ukraine, Photography Magazine, Hong kong, Best Web Guide - Yahoo Internet Guide, Japan.

Midori is a contributor for Getty Images. Her photo was on display and sold through Sky Photo, Hong Kong, and currently, through Fine Art America.

Midori is eternally grateful to her parents for giving her a chance to see the world in a different light. The camera, for Midori is only a media, it is the heart that speaks!


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